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I saw a vision in a Holy Book...
... and this is what I saw!

There were all these angels standing 'round
and who do you think was in their midst? It
was the Lord God most high... and all the
angels drew nigh. But there was one who was
more bold and he made the others sigh, his
name was Lucifer and he wanted to be king!
God stood his ground and said 'I can't allow
you that one thing!

You're fallen angels and your wings are broken,
your fate is sealed and I have spoken. You're
fallen angels God has spoken!

So Lucifer and his angels all rebelled that
day, it never did them any good, they never
won their case! They left his presence at a
pace and fell away that day. Their wings were
broken and battered too, his plan had gone
wrong and his song wasn't on cue.

They're fallen angels and their wings are broken.
They're fallen angels, God has spoken? Yes!
He'll speak forever more!...


The picture is the bikers idea of the fall of satan from grace. There are two opposing bike gangs one led by Archangel Michael and the other led by lucifer. God is the overall Supreme Leader.   ...
Graham Lye



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